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How ordering ABRJ fabrics works

Step 1: Choose your Fabric Type

  • Crepe 96 gsm: Has a smooth feel with excellent drape. Ideal for flowing dresses, scarves, shirts and more;
  • Poplin 130 gsm: Can be used to make men’s & women’s clothing, cushion covers, masks and more. Also available in 250 gsm;
  • Poplin 250 gsm: Can be used to make men’s & women’s clothing, cushion covers, masks and more. This weight has a texture in the weave. Also available in 130 gsm, without texture;
  • Sateen 84 gsm: Has a smooth feel & glossy sheen, good drape can be used to make dresses, skirts, jackets, bed linen & more.

We print our fabrics using the dye sublimation method. This method is only possible using polyester fabrics. The dye is colourfast, but like all fabrics, should be washed separately before wearing.

Step 2: Choose a Design

Point and click! Our designs are available in 2 categories:

  • Repeat patterns, seamlessly joins in any direction;
  • Tile or Step & Repeat;
    • Tile, image repeats over and over, vertically and horizontally inline. Tile can be useful to make many of the same item, e.g. masks;
    • Step & Repeat, image repeats, but is offset by 50% vertically for portrait designs or horizontally for landscape designs. Less repetitive and more visually appealing.

An image showing these options is available below, at the end of this article.

Each design's description will label it either 'Tile' or 'Step & Repeat' as well as provide the design's ratio. I.e., A design with 4:3 ratio is a landscape orientation with a width of 4 units and a height of 3 units (e.g. 20cm x 15cm), a 1:1 ratio is a square...

This information will become more relevant in Step 5b.

Step 3: Add to Basket

  • Select your quantity and click 'Add to Basket'. Please note, each item will need to be exactly the same, if you want the same design in a different design width or fabric orientation, you will need to add each unique combination to the basket.
  • You may click the 'Go to basket now' pop up or continue adding items to your basket (the more the merrier wink) and continue to the basket later.

Step 4: Go to your Basket

When you have selected all the items you desire click the icon on the top left of the website to view your basket.

Step 5: Customising your Fabric Panels

With each selected fabric a clickable dropbox will be visible. Click this box to see a list of options, explained below.

Step 5a: Portrait or Landscape

This relates to the orientation of the Fabric Panel. One or the other may be more appropriate for the item you wish to make using our fabric panels. E.g. Pants, pillowcase, dress... You may wish to consult your sewer.

Step 5b: 'Tile' or 'Step & Repeat'

Covered in Step 2 above. This does not apply to 'Repeat Pattern' designs. Explanatory image below.

Step 5c: Design Width

Select the width you would like the design to be. I.e. a 20cm wide design will fit approx 5 times* across on a landscape panel or 3.5 times on a portrait panel. Use the design's ratio to calculate its height if required.

Step 6: The Rest

You pay, Matt prints, Aust Post freights, you receive Rebecca's stunning artwork and sew easy.


Design Types

Repeat Pattern 


Step & Repeat


*This may not result in 5 full usable images due to the process involved. It may be 0.25 + 4 full images + 0.75 to = 5

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